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‘Bendigo made international headlines in 2015 when anti-Islam protesters hijacked a council meeting and the far-right United Patriots Front and pro-diversity campaigners faced off at a series of rallies with a heavy police presence.

A high court challenge to stop the mosque failed, and the extremists Neil Erikson and Blair Cottrell were convicted for racial vilification in 2017 over a mock beheading video outside the council chambers.’ The Guardian July 30th 2019.

Whilst the Bendigo anti Mosque protests have been less provocative since the 2015 United Patriots supported rallies, they are still very much present. A small group continues to protest each week outside the building site of the Bendigo Islamic Community Centre. The Stop the Mosque Facebook page has renewed it’s activity since the announcement of the building commencement. Other social media sites like Rights for Bendigo Residents continue to publish right wing anti-Muslim propaganda.

Although the numbers of protestors is small their presence each week on the route to and from the Bendigo Airport continues to incite hatred against the Muslim community.

Every time there is a public protest against the building of the Bendigo Mosque using anti-muslim hate speech Don’t Hate Mate are letting the protestors know that they are not supported by making a donation to the Bendigo Islamic Community Centre Building Fund.

If you too are concerned about the way hate speech gets used against the Islamic Community in Bendigo and want it to stop you can support the campaign by making a donation below.